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Thermal insulation


Environmentally friendly IZOTERM material originating from volcanic sands is designed for interior and exterior thermal protection of buildings and constructions.

IZOTERM applied simply as a plaster:
- forms the thermal protective system of buildings;
- provides saving and optimum consumption of heat power in winter, and of electric energy for conditioning in summer;
- eliminates all existing « heat leaks» (brickwork joints, skeleton fittings, iron bracketry etc.);

IZOTERM possesses high adhesion to the surface, and can be applied on ALL basic building materials — brick, stone, concrete, slag concrete, gas concrete, foam concrete and various plasters.

IZOTERM is vapour-permeable.

The building structure treated by IZOTERM "breathes". After the application and drying of IZOTERM the colour of the surface will be white.

"You can do it yourself!"

IZOTERM plaster thermal coating can acts as the final finishing.
However if desired the IZOTERM surface can be treated with any other finishes (ceramic tiles, painting, etc.).

5cm of appliedIZOTERM provides thermal insulation equivalent to that of 25cm of brick wallZOTERM provides three-in-one: heat-resistance, noise insulation and a finish. Base colour: whiteIZOTERM is non-flammable and environmentally safeIZOTERM is meant for the heating-up and finishing of facades and the inside of premises

CONSUMPTION: 1 sack per 2 sq.m at 1 cm thickness.

IZOTERM is delivered in paper sacks of dimensions 50*70 cm; the content is inside polyethylene of 140 micron thickness, and amounts to at least 35 litres of dry mix.

The paper sacks must be stored only in dry premises having a maximum air humidity of 65%, and up to maximum stock height of 6 sacks. Maximum stock height in shipping is 5 sacks.
Storage period: 18 months from the date of manufacturing inside intact prefabricated packs.

When treating the operating mix it is necessary to wear rubber gloves, protective breathing equipment, and protective goggles. Rubber gloves should be worn when applying the IZOTERM mix solution. In case of contact with skin or eyes the affected areas should be washed with a large amount of water.

Waste disposal of IZOTERM diluted mix should be performed in conformity with regulations and requirements to cement contained material disposal. It is strictly forbidden to throw material remains in the sewerage system or to bury them in soil.

The working surface must be free from dust and dirt. It is allowable to use high-pressure washing systems.


Way of use:

Pour the entire contents of the pack into the working container. It is strictly forbidden to use only part of the packed content seeing as one sack is measured for one batch, and the final mix solution must contain all components of IZOTERM dry mix. Agitation of IZOTERM mortar should be done in the working container using an electric drilling machine equipped with the blending bit (or mixer) . The amount of water required for hydration is 7-9 litres depending upon the temperature and hardness of the water. Water must be added gradually in order for the mortar to achieve the required consistency. Agitation should be carried out for at least 5 minutes to obtain a homogeneous plastic mortar. Prior to use, the made solution should be left to stand for 3 – 5 minutes. This mortar keeps its working properties for up to 2 hours.

The surface should not be humidified before applying IZOTERM mortar. For application use tools which have metallic working surfaces. The recommended thickness of the applied coating is 1-1.5 cm. The second (and if necessary, subsequent coatings) should be applied only after full drying of the previous one.
The drying-out period of IZOTERM mortar depends on climatic conditions and on the thickness of the applied coating. At atemperature of +25°C and air humidity of 65-80%, a coating of 1 cm thickness will dry in about 24 hours. Work should be done at a temperature no lower than +5°C.


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